“Something Holy to Say” Gregory Wilhelmi, Solo show, July 2019
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“Something Holy to Say” Gregory Wilhelmi, Solo show, July 2019

“Something Holy to Say” Gregory Wilhelmi, Solo show, July 2019

Exhibition Dates: 7/1/2019 - 7/31/2019 - •Hours by appointment •

Artist Reception: 7/4/2019  4:30- 6 PM •Artist talk 6 PM•

Artist Statement:   In this exhibition Gregory Wilhelmi explores a world of spirituality obscured, faith smudged, and the struggle to walk again in light.

“My father, Catholic gone missing in the density of decades, 

stands up to the ambulatory with a prayer bulletin 

and stubs of charcoal.

As a boy he misunderstood the sin 

of smuggling crayons into church, 

little wax martyrs in his shirt pocket 

conserved the chest cavity’s tender vessels.

He is binding a sketchbook

saving up for a modest tin of pencils.

He wants to be ready

in case he has something holy to say.”

    (Excerpts from “Cathedral” by Juliet Wilhelmi, 2011)

Painting title: Nearer My God to Thee (Self Portrait, 1979), 35 x 35”, oil on canvas

Event Dates: 7/1/2019 - 7/31/2019 • Hours by appointment •

•••Website goes live for purchase July 1st!!!

Reception: 7/4/2019  4:30- 6 PM, Artist talk 6 PM

Location: Coila Evans Gallery

Phone Number: (406) 697-2758

Address: 119 Main ST. Roundup, Montana 59072

Email: coila@coilaevans.com

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Studio-Plein Air Study Sale with Joseph H. Trakimas

Joe honors the tradition of the historical painters he admires such as Bodmer, Catlin, and Sharp. Spending countless hours in the field, Trakimas is inspired by the passage of time in an ever changing landscape, documenting, and preparing studies for the larger studio works he is known for.

Please join us as we celebrate Joe’s recent article in the December issue of Big Sky Journal with a first time ever, studio sale of his plein air studies.

For those unable to attend, the sale will go live on the website @ NOON MST, Thursday, December 13th!

+++ Sale ends 5pm, Saturday, December 15th. +++


Joseph H Trakimas plein air shot.jpg
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Meagan Abra Blessing UNTAMED WEST Solo Exhibition

Meagan Abra Blessing's solo exhibition, Untamed West, opens Friday, July 1, 2016 at Coila Evans Art Gallery, 119 Main Street, Roundup, Montana.  The show opens at 5:00 pm, with a gallery presentation by the artist at 6:30pm. This exhibition will feature new works from Meagan's Untamed series, which depicts the tenacity, intelligence, and courage of the equine spirit.

’Twilight Run’ | 24x48 | oil on canvas | Meagan Abra Blessing


Meagan Abra Blessing spent her formative years packing, living, and working in various western states from Alaska to Colorado. "I grew up in a family that craved adventure," she explains.  "Every moment was filled with challenges and new experiences, and horses have always been a part of those escapades. From local show rings and county fairs to packing in the Alaskan back country, I’ve learned to respect and admire the equine personalities that have crossed my path."   Attending college with majors in Equestrian Studies and Vocal Performance, she spent nearly twenty years teaching, training, and performing on occasion.

Ever drawn to high contrast and movement when choosing her compositions, Meagan's years of hands on experience with horses in various capacities have resulted in paintings that are reflective of individual equine temperaments and personalities. Her love of the wide open spaces and lifestyle of the rural, untamed West coupled with her passion for all things equine is evident in her lively, expressionistic paintings.

Meagan’s renditions of horses, working horses, and rodeo subjects are vibrant and dynamic, and her playful utilization of color and light brings a unique twist to classic and often quintessentially Western imagery.

Meagan's work has been featured in various publications, including Western Art Collector Magazine: Art of the Horse and State of the Arts, Montana in 2014,  WesternArt & Architecture Magazine: The Contemporary West In Harmony, and Big Sky Journal: Creative Business in 2015.  She is honored to have recently received Fine Art Connoisseur’s Best In Show, People's Choice Award in the Quick Finish Event for Friday, March 18 at the 2016 Out West Art Show & Sale during Western Art Week in Great Falls, Montana.


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OLD. NEW. ICONIC. WEST. closing reception

Now Showing:

~ Howard Terpning

~Kevin Red Star

~ John Neito

~ King Kuka

~ R.C. Gorman

~Amado Pena


~ Meagan Blessing

~ Michael Blessing

~ Troy Evans

~ Joe Trakimas

This show is currently up and is open to collectors for a private viewing, with a closing reception to be held Saturday, June 18 from 4 - 7 p.m.

Please call or email to schedule your appointment. For out of state collectors, arrangementsvia Skype or FaceTime can also be made.

Best regards from Roundup, MT.

Coila Evans.   Artist.   Proprietress.   406-697-2758   119 Main ST.







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Russell Rowland FIFTY - SIX COUNTIES Reading and book signing event.

 “Rowland proves to be warm and personable, and yet cutting and real—basically, one couldn’t wish for a better guide to the state of Montana. This book is utterly unique. A gorgeous accomplishment.”

—Laura Pritchett

Stars Go Blue

Montana has a long and celebrated tradition of artful, reflective nonfiction. From Joseph Kinsey Howard’s Montana: High, Wide, and Handsome to K. Ross Toole’s Montana: An Uncommon Land, we’ve been gifted with a series of erudite and sharp-eyed guides to help show us who we are. To this eminent list we can now add Russell Rowland’s Fifty-Six Counties: A Montana Journey.

A native Montanan and an acclaimed novelist (In Open Spaces, High and Inside), Rowland spent the better part of two years studying and traveling around his beloved home state, from the mines of Butte to the pine forests of the Northwest, from the stark, wind-scrubbed badlands of the East to the tourist- driven economies of the mountain West. Along the way, he considered our state’s essential character, where we came from and, most of all, what we might be in the process of becoming.

“Fifty-Six Counties is animated by the numinous even as it humbles us, makes us more sane, and draws us into a new and invigorating experience of the essence of life. This is a book for Montana, for the nation, and for the world.”

—Shann Ray

American Copper




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