NEARER MY GOD TO THEE (self portrait, 1979)

Self Portrait,1979.jpg
Self Portrait,1979.jpg

NEARER MY GOD TO THEE (self portrait, 1979)


35” x 35” oil on canvas framed

In this exhibition Gregory Wilhelmi explores a world of spirituality obscured, faith smudged, and the struggle to walk again in light.

My father, Catholic gone missing in the density of decades, 

stands up to the ambulatory with a prayer bulletin 

and stubs of charcoal.

As a boy he misunderstood the sin 

of smuggling crayons into church, 

little wax martyrs in his shirt pocket 

conserved the chest cavity's tender vessels.

He is binding a sketchbook

saving up for a modest tin of pencils.

He wants to be ready

in case he has something holy to say.

(Excerpts from "Cathedral" by Juliet Wilhelmi, 2011... The poem "Cathedral" by daughter Juliet, has been on my studio wall for years. It has been a constant, gentle reminder about faith and spirit and love. Thank you Juliet, for letting me use your words.)

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