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“Something Holy to Say” Gregory Wilhelmi, Solo show, July 2019

Painting title: Nearer My God to Thee (Self Portrait, 1979), 35 x 35”, oil on canvas

In this exhibitionGregory Wilhelmi explores a world of spirituality obscured, faith smudged, and the struggle to walk again in light.

“My father, Catholic gone missing in the density of decades, 

stands up to the ambulatory with a prayer bulletin 

and stubs of charcoal.

As a boy he misunderstood the sin 

of smuggling crayons into church, 

little wax martyrs in his shirt pocket 

conserved the chest cavity’s tender vessels.

He is binding a sketchbook

saving up for a modest tin of pencils.

He wants to be ready

in case he has something holy to say.”

    (Excerpts from “Cathedral” by Juliet Wilhelmi, 2011)

Exhibition Dates: 7/1/2019 - 7/31/2019 - •Hours by appointment •

•••Website goes live for purchase July 1st

Artist Reception: 7/4/2019  4:30- 6 PM, Artist talk 6 PM

Location: Coila Evans Gallery

Address: 119 Main St Roundup, Montana 59072

Phone Number: (406) 697-2758